Spray Foam Polyurethane Roofing Systems

Flat and low-sloped roofs that have been damaged or leaking can benefit from a spray foam polyurethane (SFP) roofing system. This sustainable system can be installed directly over your existing roof to serve as a cost-efficient way to protect your residential or commercial roof. Spray foam polyurethane is an affordable option to restore your roof without needing to replace or repair many parts of your roof.

A-1’s Kanga Roof SFP roofing system is 100% waterproof and leak resistant. When taken care of properly, a SFP roof could last from 10-15 years before recoats are required. SFP should be inspected semi-annually, usually in the spring and fall. Any additional inspections are recommended following an event such as heavy rain, sleet or snow that might have caused damage to the SFP.

SPF Penetrates Every Inch and Corner of Your Roof

There’s a three-step process to accurately install a SFP roof when done correctly. The first layer is sprayed until there is a one-inch thick layer, which enables the coating to penetrate each corner of your commercial roof. The thickness of the spray completely covers the roof, provides a seamless finish, insulates the building, and becomes waterproof.

Once the first coat has been applied and covered, the coat of acrylic latex is then applied. This additional coat serves as another layer of protection for your roof. Finally, the process is completed with the insulation of our Puma XL cover. This layer creates a multi-layer, closed-cell system that is extremely rigid and completely leak proof and waterproof.

Applying spray foam polyurethane on your roof requires technical knowledge and experience. Please call us today for any questions concerning how a spray foam polyurethane roof can help with your residential / commercial low-sloped roof or commercial flat roof.

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