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Single Ply Membrane Roof System

Single ply membrane roof system is a wonderful option for many commercial properties. It is an alternative to roof coating systems resulting in decades of reliability. The process involves the installation of a series of overlapping layers. Additionally, if your commercial property lies in the midst harsh weather conditions such as snow, wind, hail, or even fire, single ply membrane roof systems is your best option as it provides optimal protection against these elements.

When choosing A-1 Roofing to install your single ply membrane roof system, you will be receiving the primary care for your commercial property’s roof. We take the following steps to ensure that this process runs smoothly:

  • Clean and prime
  • Apply membrane
  • Weld the seams
  • Seal the edges

If you’re in the market for a premier solution to your roofing problems, give A-1 Roofing a call at (410) 799-1600. We proudly service Baltimore and Howard County.

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