Single Ply Membrane Roof System

For many commercial properties, a single ply membrane roof system is a cost-efficient option to repair or restore your roof. The single ply membrane roofing system is durable and can endure decades of wear and tear before it needs to be replaced. The installation procedure of the single ply membrane involves a series of overlapping layers onto your roof. In addition, if your commercial property frequently experiences harsh weather conditions such as snow, wind or hail, a singly ply membrane roof system is the most efficient option. The single ply membrane provides optimal protection against harsh weather.

A-1’s Kanga Roof single ply membrane is classified as a flexible sheet of material to protect flat and low-sloped buildings. When properly installed by our roofing professionals, single ply membrane offers a unique advantage over traditional materials including the strength, durability, and flexibility.

A single ply roofing system is sheets of rubber and other synthetics that creates multiple layers of protection on your commercial facility. The single ply roofing system insulates the roof deck and uses highly flexible properties to act as a resistant to ultraviolet radiation. This easy to install system is lightweight and available in a variety of grades to protect your roof.

There are a variety of benefits for choosing A-1’s Kanga Roof products including services like receiving primary care for your commercial property roof and installation of your single ply membrane. We take the following steps to ensure that your roofing system will optimize its performance:

  • Clean and prime
  • Apply membrane
  • Seal the seams
  • Seal the edges

At A-1’s Kanga Roof, our single ply membrane system can offer significant savings while providing exceptional protection for your commercial property. Any questions regarding our single ply system, please call A-1’s Kanga Roof at (410) 799-1600.

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