Howard County Roofing

We are a full-service roofing company for both residential and commercial roofing replacement and services for over 15 years for the need of Howard County roofing. A-1’s Kanga Roof is a professional roofing company that assists residents and commercial businesses in Howard County with roofing needs. Each roofing project is approached with attention to detail that results in a reputation of dependability and a long list of references in Howard County.

A-1’s Kanga Roof offers services for commercial and residential roofs that are existing properties or new properties in Howard County. We take a detailed approach, which can increase the longevity and limit costly repairs in the future.

Preference for one roofing system versus another for your residential or commercial property can determine how long your roof will stay architecturally stable. Shingles and tiles are easy to replace and cost-effective, while synthetic roofing products and metal roof restorations extend the life of your roof. Shingles and tile are both durable and versatile roofing material. Tile is heavy while shingles are lighter and cover more surface area. Metal is primarily a low-slope roofing material that is lightweight and has a greater resistance to harsh weather.

Our Workmanship

As a professional roofing company that serves Howard County, A-1’s Kanga Roof has continually demonstrated how a reliable and responsive roofing company performs. Our dedication to providing quality customer service and exceptional workmanship encourages a friendly atmosphere and communicative environment. At A-1’s Kanga Roof, we educate and train our team on the safety of installing roofing systems for residential and commercial properties.

Please call regarding any questions about our full-service roofing company in Howard County to discuss pricing of roofing services, roofing services we provide or the available roofing materials, (410) 799-1600.

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