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Flat and Low Sloped Restoration

As the best commercial roofing contractors in the business, we know that flat and low slope roofs have certain challenges that not all roofing contractors can work with. Here at A-1 Roofing, there is nothing we can’t handle when it comes to all your commercial roofing needs. Flat and low sloped roofs can be fixed by using roof coatings. These coatings fix and prevent further leaks, cracks, and other rapid deterioration in your roof from occurring. The flat roof coating options we use include:

  • Elastomeric roof coatings
  • EDPM and rubber coatings
  • Asphalt roof coatings

Elastomeric roof coating is an elastic coating that expands in the heat to prevent cracks and leaks from forming. EDPM and rubber coating is a waterproof system that keeps your roof’s surface cool. Asphalt roof coatings are the most expensive roof replacement option, but it will last you up to a decade. When it comes to your flat roof, we do it all from flat roof repairs, flat roof replacements, and flat restoration.

For more information on our flat and low sloped restoration, call us at (410) 799-1600. We look forward to your call. We service Baltimore and Howard County.


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