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Contact A-1 Roofing Kanga Roof, a full-service roofing company located in Baltimore County, Maryland serving residential and commercial properties. We specialize in providing quality roof services that are cost-efficient and aesthetically pleasing. At A-1’s Kanga Roof we offer a variety of services including, but not limited to, leak repair, roof installation, and supplying roofing materials at an affordable price.

Locally owned and operated in Baltimore we also service Howard County, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. for over 15 years. We are an innovative roofing company that strives to exceed expectations in providing quality roofing services that are cost-effective. We guarantee to have a variety of roofing services and materials to repair or install roofs for new or existing commercial and residential properties.

At A-1’s Kanga Roof we have a variety of roofing materials including shingles, tiles, metal roofing, spray foam polyurethane, roofing membrane and single ply membrane. We offer quality roofing products that are durable and long-lasting. Our diverse experience with both residential and commercial roofing serves as a foundation for our process which leads to detail when constructing a new roof or repairing an existing roof.

We are a reputable roofing company with a long list of references that advocate for our hard work and dedication to serve both commercial and residential properties. As Brandon said, “Just give him a call and he will take good care of whoever needs help with their roof.” At A-1’s Kanga Roof we are committed to providing quality customer service to encourage a positive environment that leads to multiple interactions with clients.

Please call for any inquiries about A-1’s Kanga Roof repair or installation of residential and commercial roofs. We look forward to being the full-service roofing company you choose. A-1’s Kanga Roof serves Baltimore County, Howard County and the surrounding areas.

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