Metal Roof Restoration: Restore Your Roof Instead of Replacing It

Rust is the biggest enemy of your metal roof, and many building owners decide to remove a rusted metal roof. Installation of a new roof can be a burden on your budget; therefore, you can consider restoration of a metal roof. Protect a roof with a comprehensive waterproofing system to stop leaks, hinder rust and increase energy efficiency and age of your roof. This finishing coat can keep your roof in the best condition for several years. If your old metal roof has been leaking or is damaged, you can try roof restoration from Kanga Roof. Fabric reinforcement is embedding in the acrylic elastomeric coating of a roof. Premium caulking elements are used to seal exposed fasteners.

It will be a good choice to protect whole roof surface with a special roof coating of Kanga Roof. This system is quite efficient to preserve a current metal roof without disturbing your budget with costly replacement and metal repairs. Highlights of this system are stated below:

  • Stop leaks in metal roof
  • Increase the life of your metal roof
  • Overcome the design flaws of metal
  • Decrease costs of air conditioning

Increase the Life of Roof

Kanga Roof systems offer extra benefits other than hindering rust and ending leaks. The highly-reflective coating is useful to decrease the thermal shocks of metal roofs because of severe variation in temperature. It will decrease the chances of contraction and expansion of metal roof. It will ultimately increase the productive life of your metal roof.

A Reliable System to Prevent Leaks

The Kanga Roof system protects the metal roof from numerous outside elements with a unified and durable membrane. The seams are good to instantly stop leaks from any place on the roof. These work well with penetrations, fasteners, and acrylic elastomeric coatings. These can increase the strength of your metal roof.

Decrease Your Expenses by Saving Energy

With highly reflective coating, the metal roof restoration can be a good choice to save energy. This coating can reflect almost 85% of the ultraviolet energy of the sun instead of absorbing heat. This special coating is designed to dramatically decrease your heating and cooling costs. The coating offers maximum strength and coating to a metal roof. The roofing system and restoration materials are tested to protect the valuable parts of a building.

The best part of the metal roof restoration is affordability. These are designed to offer long-term protection to your metal roof at a fractional cost of roof replacement. Moreover, you can get financial benefits by saving money. For a structurally sound roofing system, roof restoration can be a good choice to repair damaged areas. It is possible to install new metal parts and patch leaks in the metal roof with special material. In short, the restoration of a metal roof can be a good option to avoid the expense of roof replacement.

Metal roofs may be made of different materials, such as zinc alloy, copper, aluminum, or steel. Steel roofs are available with a painted finish or zinc coating. Copper roofs come without final coating or finagling because these get green patina coating with age. Metal roof restoration can be a good choice for every kind of roof.